Kisses land on either my left or right shoulder, moreover a gentle touch in passing each other and me. Their engagement shows even more when nodding affirmative ‘yes’ as a reply on my questions if they speak any English at all. Their enthusiasm is contagious, all being elated until the moment I make the gesture […]

Emoji is booming. Emojis are such a part of our existence that we’ve got a keyboard to type them quicker. Not just teens, students even candidates running for President of the US use them – here is the example where Hillary Clinton asks students how they feel about their loan debt- ; we get collectively […]

When in Rome don’t do as the Romans   Would you agree with the following statement: ‘When in Rome do as the Romans’. Do you agree or don’t you agree? In an attempt to gain insight and deeper understanding of cultural differences, would you adapt to the local culture to reach your goals or would […]