We are continually adjusting our identity throughout our lives to change our beliefs, our relationships, interests and our accomplishments, as we make new friends, change jobs, move house, grow older…. When we move to a new country, however, there is a sudden and distinctive break with those situations and people who were important to our […]

Last week I had the privilege to facilitate a workshop at Shell’s Outpost The Hague for expat partners from employees as well as Shell employees. Since quite some time it was on my mind to creating a flyer for expat partners. This workshop was the right inducement to give words to my services on good old […]

Three month after our first baby was born we moved from Brazil to the southern part of China. In a subtle way the local Chinese government orchestrated that all Wàiguó rén 外国人 /aliens (‘white noses’) be located in a handful of compounds scattered around the city of former Canton, now known as GuangZhou.We also rented […]

The Thesaurus teaches us that the expression “to start from scratch” means the following:’ start at the beginning with no advantage. The scratch line was a stripe across the ground where a race began. Starting from scratch had no advantage against other in that race’.   Reading the explanation of this expression seems to imply […]