Coping with your level of frustration in finding your next career step.

A rental leased, shipment arrived, boxes unpacked, family adjusted and accommodated, even the schedules and calendars found their place on the memory board. In other words landed and settled in your new place which will be your hometown for the years to come. This is your time.

Time to start the search for the next step in your personal development. How often has this crossed your mind while being busy unpacking boxes, arranging cupboards and waiting in line to purchase the endless list of school items.


I remember so well longing for this very moment, and finding myself at the verge of the journey to embark on this process, which eventually will result in finding that job, working as a volunteer in that desired place, finally starting my own business, having the time and opportunity to follow that particular course and going to college. Finding serenity in the disorder or trust the unknown. A new era to be explored. So how does this land with you?

Sooner than you have ever imagined and wished for you’ll find yourself in the midst of rules & regulations, forms & applications as impermeable as the Amazonian rainforest itself; how in the hell did you ended up here. Slowly but steady it becomes crystal clear to you, better you bring a cleaver to cut your way through the zillion websites in order to pursue the next step your career path. The level of frustration raises quickly.

It requires patience and calmness together with a great deal of humor in this process where it takes just too long to receive answers on online requests for information, if being replied at all. For a number of clients I tried myself to carve my way through information for non- Dutch citizens and I can just totally emphasize with their despair and frustration. It seems that embarking on this journey is a privilege for the toughest cookies and most dedicated professionals on this planet. This seems those who hold the longest breath finally find their feet.

As soon as you know where you’re up to for your next career step or personal development step the following tips might keep the paste on your ongoing journey:

  • Like it is with more things in life you’re not alone or putting it differently not the only one. Which doesn’t resolve anything but it sometimes helps, these are some of those times.
  • Once you know what you’re up to perseverance will get you there.
  • Seek support in places where professionals work on a daily basis to help people like you in this transition. These professionals often experienced exactly the same and are therefor really able to emphasize with you, because they have been there themselves:images
  • Iamexpat
  • Together Abroad
  • Undutchables
  • Internations
  • Expat center
  • Nuffic
  • Keep good spirit: stay calm & carry on


Thank you for reading my blog and wishing you a relaxed and joyful Summer time.




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  1. Marleen says:

    Hi Henriëtte, thnx for sharing! This ‘blindfolded discovery’ is fun when we can puzzle it out with others, isn’t it? Have a bright summertime,

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