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Finding your feet as an expat partner or accompanying spouse

I’m committed to facilitate and support you being an expat partner and accompanying spouse in finding your feet in creating a meaningful and fulfilling life at your new destination.

As an experienced global career coach I know that you know best what is best for you. My main work as your coach is to facilitate and support the process you’re going through in defining and achieving what you want for yourself – who you really want to become more of. I’m dedicated to helping clients connect with their sense of strength. To make choices with responsibility and unleash their potential to achieve their objectives and pursue life with purpose and joy.

It is the Global Coaching Relationship that gives power to the coaching process. In my work, I strive to see you with new eyes and listen to you with new ears. I am curious to explore what works for you – what gives you energy and what takes energy away. For me and my clients it is often a journey which has been valuable in discovering possibilities for filfilled and meaningful lives.

In a series of 5-7 Skype or face to face meetings of 60 minutes I would love to support you in finding your new you. This process can result in finding a new job, finding work as a volunteer, starting your own business, going to college, finding serenity in the disorder or trust in the unknown. It doesn’t matter as long as you find your feet.

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