Repatriation Blues: Why you might struggle and how to cope with it?   Expats are good at preparing for their next exciting post, whether it’s in Burundi or Boston, Nice or Nigeria. They’ll study the language, learn about the work ethics of doing business, find the best place to live, the best schools for their […]

Foreseeing a choice and then making it is not the cruelty of fate in action, but a powerful exercise in free will.   This is why you should watch the film Arrival: the film visually dissects intelligently people transcending barriers to connect to a new culture, a foreign alien one. How do these aliens communicate? […]

We are continually adjusting our identity throughout our lives to change our beliefs, our relationships, interests and our accomplishments, as we make new friends, change jobs, move house, grow older…. When we move to a new country, however, there is a sudden and distinctive break with those situations and people who were important to our […]

Probably you think you’re really good in changing, aren’t you? I mean, after all you effortlessly navigate in a complex international environment day in, day out. Still it can be a huge challenge to create the real change for you!   Why blogging on this topic? Because I have been around here long enough to […]

Whether you and your family are about to move overseas or to a neighboring country, preparing your children in the best possible way is key to success. But how? What do we need to prepare them for? Especially when it’s your first time moving abroad and you feel left out in the dark yourself. An important starting point in this process is communicating what remains the same and what will be different in their new place.

Today we celebrate Chinese New Year – heralding the year of the Monkey. Did you know that you must not wash your hair on the first day of the lunar year? In Chinese the character for Hair (发) is the same as fa in facai (发财), which means ’to become wealthy’. Washing one’s hair is […]

Last week I had the privilege to facilitate a workshop at Shell’s Outpost The Hague for expat partners from employees as well as Shell employees. Since quite some time it was on my mind to creating a flyer for expat partners. This workshop was the right inducement to give words to my services on good old […]