Ushering in the new era: a line in the sand

Upwards and Onwards



Good morning. Welcome to the new era. However and wherever you spent Friday and Saturday, I think today would be a good one to revisit, review, rethink and re-evaluate your resolutions for this year. As you pondered upon them just about less than a month ago at the arbitrary line in the sand that allows us to mark the passage of time in an organized way; today might call you forward to revisit. So how about starting this week with some completion followed by discovering your theme of this year: in which direction do you want to develop?


draw a line in the sand


Do you recognize this feeling: way to often I feel urged, pushed during December months to almost mandatory contemplate and reflect on the year which has almost come to an ending. I notice becoming annoyed, since the last day of the year is just an arbitrary line in the sand that allows us to mark the passage of time in an organized way.

Somehow to me it feels more natural to contemplate and reflect, once the move to a new destination or place gets closer on my real timeline. Being aware that you, yourself, might be on the verge to find out what will be your next place, next ‘home’; or you might be the moving already. Many of my clients are on the move whether it is from Singapore to Europe or from the Netherlands to New Zealand. So I thought it would be nice to share a completion practice with you, followed by a theme practice; to use wherever you are on our globe.


Completion Practice draw your line in the sand

Take some time to consider all of the successes, wins, celebrations, and accomplishments that have come from 2016. What significance do they hold for you? How have they shaped you, and what have you learned from each? Where did you take charge? What was your impact on those around you? What breakthroughs are you celebrating? Consider all failures, disappointments, letdowns, breakdowns, losses. What significance does each hold for you? What aspects were forgotten or left behind?


A line in the sand



What will be your THEME in 2017?

Whether you draw an arbitrary line at the end of 2016 or upon getting prepared for your next move; at any time we can “begin again” and make fresh choices about how we move through our days. We can re-orient our attention to focus on areas of our lives that are more meaningful and make a long awaited decision to let go of habits that are not life affirming, embracing practices that nourish and grow us. A shift or move into a shiny new year does provide us with an opportunity to examine our lives anew.



Inspired by my own school of coaching I started of this year working around a central theme with my clients. As Karen Kimsey -House puts it: “I find that designing a theme for the year creates an organizing context that fosters deeper meaning and provides a foundation of resonance that fuels needed change.”


Theme Practice

What has this year taught you about yourself? How have you transformed? In the context of the broader community, what has been your impact? Where do you need to up your game in 2017?  And how will you make this commitment real in 2017? What will your theme be in 2017?


Wishing you and yours powerful, life changing themes for 2017,


Fondly, Henriëtte