Last week I had the privilege to facilitate a workshop at Shell’s Outpost The Hague for expat partners from employees as well as Shell employees. Since quite some time it was on my mind to creating a flyer for expat partners. This workshop was the right inducement to give words to my services on good old fashioned printed paper. Now it’s ready and I would like to share it with you.

Flyer for expat partners

I designed the workshop around communication styles which enhance interpersonal relationships: Did you ever wonder why some people are more assertive than others? Why some express their emotions openly while ohters prefer to maintain control? The Social Style model reveals how people manage conflicts, it is insightful to ones own behavioral strenghts and weaknesses and shows why some relationships are more productive than others.

The workshop participants collaborated just in an awesome way, they worked hard, had lots of laughter and big learning. And I, I felt so fulfilled!

Now turning to you my dear readers, you might be wondering what has all this to do with you and where you come in.


Shell Outpost The HagueWell, right HERE and right NOW.



Because the personal challenges your facing are no different from the expat partners participating in this workshop:

‘Here you are, ready for a new challenge in a new country. Probably your life looked completely different before moving. Because of your partner’s job you landed here. So you might feel dazzled now, by this huge life change, your possible loss of career, lack of intellectual stimulation, at distance from your usual support network. Take this opportunity and turn it into a unique possibility for your next step in an intense and meaningful personal development process!

When did the longing for personal development start? At first being busy with ‘to do’s’ like unpacking boxes or arranging cupboards. Now the home is ready and you feel left with nothing to do but staring at the four walls while listening to the sound of silence. Do you recognize this nagging feeling of missing inspiration, lacking objectives to strive for, or lacking energy? Now is the time!’

How is this quote landing with you? Does it resonate and is it also recognizable?

Just as for you, the participants’ calendars were overloaded, as well in the weeks prior to their move. Just like you, they each and every day went the extra mile to making sure their partners and families would set to and feel comfortable in this new place.
And presumably just like you, they have been gazing at those walls and heard the sound of silence as well.
For them, just like for you now is the time to dedicate your energy into a new direction.

So Now = YOLO          Shell Outpost The Hague





Turn your personal challenges into infinite personal possibilities for you to explore and discover like:

  • finding the most challenging job
  • working as a volunteer
  • starting your own business
  • going to college
  • choosing for personal time

For those to who all this makes sense and resonates. I’m reaching out by saying: ‘you’re not alone and you don’t need to re- invent yourself by just yourself’.

Now is the time : Now = YOLO so what stops you from getting started! Flyer for expat partners

If you feel inspired and would like to start on your journey please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I would love to have a chat with you.